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Date: 07/02/2016 10:22:42 AM
From: Zorian Weeks
Happy 8th birthday Mahlie Weeks

Date: 04/08/2016 10:20:41 PM
From: Rivergate Skate Center
Shout out to my boy Ron from your peeps at Rivergate!

Date: 03/19/2016 12:51:49 PM
From: Jalen baldwin
Happy Birthday To Jalen Baldwin

Date: 01/01/2016 01:46:35 AM
From: Malayshia
Shoutout To Ariana And Martivus !

Date: 12/12/2015 05:56:51 PM
From: juju
my name is juju and i pretend to be people im not and act like im in 9th grade but actually im in 7th and u can hit me up on facebook at tooplayed baker

Date: 11/22/2015 09:17:40 PM
From: Carlina White
Happy Birthday To my cousin Starlito i love you

Date: 11/14/2015 04:17:13 PM
From: Aleksander Thompson
Shout out to Erica you a true Princess you have the best and brightest future forever.... I love you Homie

Date: 10/30/2015 11:44:00 PM

Date: 10/18/2015 01:36:03 AM
From: Juju
Shout Out To Roller time for being the best skating ring in Huntsville al 😘💯

Date: 10/17/2015 01:06:14 AM
From: Alexa Holden
Hey Lozarain and Amyiah

Date: 10/03/2015 05:05:14 PM
From: tanasha
shutout to my boyz christen marshall and jermarious douglas yall better come tonight too no forfin either

Date: 09/25/2015 10:41:40 AM
From: sharkeisha
Shout Out TO Lakiaha I Love Yalll Bishes.Facts

Date: 09/25/2015 10:40:40 AM
From: kashara
shout out to all my hoes I luv yall bishes

Date: 09/25/2015 10:37:45 AM
From: skarkiesha
shout out to my bishes I lvu yall hoes

Date: 08/28/2015 05:31:13 PM
From: Adam
Happy Burfday K-munny!!! We luv you! AC, Amburrr, Walkity-walk, Princess Yvo, 4L3X, J4-D4 and Mr. Eams!!

Date: 08/08/2015 12:31:56 PM
From: Deasia walter
shout out to Asia go add her on facebook her name on fb is Qveen Asia

Date: 08/01/2015 10:38:41 PM
From: CieCie
I am making a shout out to my lil broths CJ I want to wish him a happy b-day he is nine years old and I want to let him kno he is the bestest brotha ever💜💜💜💜

Date: 07/31/2015 06:31:29 PM
From: kenyetta rice
shout out to keasia chambers happy birthdayy from u know who yaaa!!! turnup facts ...

Date: 07/10/2015 01:55:21 PM
From: Margie

Date: 05/12/2015 02:53:18 PM
From: kenyetta rice
shout out to everybody that know me i couldnt make cece in others ily

Date: 04/26/2015 11:52:23 AM
From: Amyiah Bradford
shoutout to Alexa and Lozarian

Date: 04/04/2015 07:39:32 PM
From: qua pitts
To my frienf

Date: 04/03/2015 08:44:50 PM
From: Pewp
danku guiz

Date: 03/20/2015 06:06:00 PM
From: alisha
hey its alisha shout to all of my friends at the rink

Date: 03/19/2015 02:59:23 PM
From: Kenysha Coulson
Sh0uttttt ouhddd 2 mii gyrlss!* keekee (nekkia) & - Slim (keneisha) luhvv yawlll <3 **********